If you're looking for help in self-publishing; Patti Frazee's your woman. She has good ideas, is easy to work with, and takes the word "patient" to a new level.
Lorna Landvik, author of Mayor of the Universe and Patty Jane's House of Curl

Patti is a wise, talented, patient editor and my work with her was long and delightful. I admire her excellent skills in clarifying language and content, as well as formatting and cover design. Her expertise in navigating all the complexities of the new publishing world enabled me to succeed in my publishing effort!
Mary Lou Carpenter, co-author of Miriam’s Words: The Personal Price of a Public Life

For First Pages Attendees

Publishing Services

Publishing Consultant

Patti has lived through traditional publishing and self-publishing with her two novels. She has an understanding of what it takes to follow either path, and she understands the pros and cons of each.

She can help an author decide which path is right for them. If they choose to self-publish, she can help them navigate and manage the ever-changing world of self-publishing.

Book Design

With the exciting new opportunities of print-on-demand (POD) and ebook publishing, writers are seeking new ways to get their work out in the world. Patti has helped several writers see their dreams become reality by designing their manuscript into both POD and ebook formats. Recent clients include Lorna Landvik (Mayor of the Universe; interior book design).

Copyediting and Proofreading

Patti has been copyediting and proofreading for more than nine years. She understands how to strengthen a manuscript without changing the author's voice. She knows where to add and remove commas, hyphens, and other pesky punctuation. She can see the big picture and the small details. Recent clients include Michelle Ray (Lead Yourself First: Breakthrough Strategies to Live the Life You Want).

More Endorsements

Patti is an exceptional proofreader and editor. She has freelanced for Llewellyn Worldwide for the past twelve years and has completed a wide variety of projects (both fiction and nonfiction). Her work is consistently excellent and is delivered on time and on budget. She has a solid grasp of Chicago Manual of Style and other editing requirements.
Nanette Stearns, Editorial Director, Llewellyn Worldwide

Patti was my editor and publishing consultant for my book: Lead Yourself First! Breakthrough Strategies to Live the Life You Want. As a first-time author, I found Patti’s depth of knowledge during the entire process to be invaluable. I was most impressed by her capacity to effortlessly work through each chapter, making insightful recommendations as my editor. I am thrilled with the finished product and reaction in the marketplace. There is a great deal to understand about the highly complex world of self-publishing and the ever-changing nature of the book business. Patti is highly knowledgeable regarding the latest trends and her advice was extremely helpful. I highly recommend Patti to anyone seeking editorial and book-consulting services.
Michelle Ray, Author, Founder & CEO, Lead Yourself First Institute

Patti has been an extremely valuable member of my writing support team. As a copy editor, she pays attention to detail and delivers in a prompt and professional manner. As a developmental editor, she is able to point out inconsistencies and make useful suggestions without losing intentional tone. As a publishing consultant, she has walked me through many diverse projects, from fiction to graphic novels. I would highly recommend her!
C.B. Murphy, Author of Cute Eats Cute and End of Men

Patti edited my memoir and has great insight, wonderful instincts, and a very smart eye. It also helps that she's quite pleasant and has a nice sense of humor. I particularly appreciated her sensitivity to the nuances of my life as a transgender person. I wholeheartedly recommend Patti!
Ellen Krug, author of Getting to Ellen: A Memoir About Love, Honesty, and Gender Change

Patti's edits are like a mini-MFA. As my developmental editor, she has helped take my draft beyond what my instincts as a storyteller could accomplish. Her edits provided solid guidance without being prescriptive. With Patti as my editor, I am still the writer, and my story is becoming a well-written novel.
Abigail Stokes Palsma

Some Books Patti Has Worked On

Selected Works

...Frazee’s probing work is an ode to the power of the imagination and the ongoing quest for identity. -- Pamela Carter Joern, author of The Floor of the Sky
A feast of words and dreams...
--Susan Power, author of Roofwalker and Grassdancer

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