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Out of Harmony

In Harmony, Nebraska, no one paid much attention to Jude Jenkins, the girl who lived in the incinerator of an abandoned building. No one except for her best friend Alison Bouchard. Alison knew of the abuse Jude suffered at the hands of her father, and how she made her escape. When Jude disappeared more than twenty years ago, Alison thought she had run away to New Orleans.

Now, as Alison’s life in Minneapolis begins to crumble and the tension in her longtime relationship begins to rise, Alison is faced with the news that Jude’s skeletal remains have been found. But Jude’s secrets didn’t die on the day of her suicide. When Alison returns to Harmony for the burial, she steps into the memories of the long-ago past and begins to fear that she may have caused Jude’s death.

Betrayal, lust, and guilt weave through this novel that transcends time, as Alison Bouchard struggles to find freedom from the life she has built and the lies she lives.